Weekend observant.

I don't do Resolutions - but I do see the point. And why not at the beginning of the calendar year? I suppose that's as good a time as any. (Though, I would argue that the Solstice might be a more appropriate demarcation.)

Also, I don't observe any sort of Sabbath - but I do see the point.

And? I don't have anything that I could technically call "a job." No cubicle. No commute. Certainly no paycheck. 

I work at home and I raise children, so the days tend to run together and it's hard to remember when to stop working (I do love working) and when to start doing the laundry and making lunches. And the production schedules and chocolate milk and social media and carpools and karate, and then starting all over again, and what day is it now? You know? Maybe you do.

I want to stop and start again. To recharge.

I want to stay in bed and read a novel in the morning. Because reading in bed in the morning is one of the great joys in life. If someone could bring me a cup of coffee? That would be great. I want to wander. I want long, aimless conversations. I want aquariums, and museums, and baking with my kids. I want great hygge, beery lunches with friends.

I resolve to become weekend observant this year.

Rebecca Thoms HanleyComment